Products Forming tools with ceramic

High-performance ceramics for rings, dies, rollers and cylinders

Reduced wear with Kycera's high-performance ceramics

Kyocera's high-performance ceramics offer a combination of material properties that are ideal for use with applicationoriented designs. The excellent wear resistance at very high mechanical stresses leads to outstanding efficiency. Our materials allow long service lives and outstanding surface qualities. These benefits are maintained even at high temperatures and in corrosive environments. When combining metal and ceramics, higher hardness is achieved through sophisticated design that leads to reduced failure probability.

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Drawing rings with ceramic

Drawing ring shrink-fitted into metal housing

Ceramic forming cylinders

Our high-performance ceramics are chemically inert and do not react with metals or their oxides. Their resistance to almost any acids and alkalis makes them suitable for the most difficult ambient conditions.

Ceramic forming rollers

Ceramic rollers made of high-performance ceramics for metal forming have shown excellent results as an alternative to conventional materials. 20-fold service lives when compared with steel tools can be achieved.

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