Products High-performance products and solutions made from high-performance ceramics.

Technical ceramics as the basis for precise and efficient high-performance components

Kyocera supports customers worldwide in making processes safer and more efficient and designing them with an eye to the future. The strongest argument for this is our products and system solutions, which are distinguished by high levels of quality, precision, and performance. In this way, Kyocera sets standards.

KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH specializes in working with its customers to develop individual ceramic components for a wide range of different tasks. Our longstanding experience as a producer of prototypes and as a series manufacturer guarantees excellent solutions that enable a significant technological edge in applications and processes.

Ongoing investment in technological innovations makes our technical ceramic products efficient high-performance components.

Alongside individual developments and designs, we also offer a broad spectrum of products available on short notice via our Webshop. This allows our customers to operate with agility and flexibility in their respective markets.

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Products by industry

Our solutions made from technical ceramics are suitable for a variety of areas of application and industries. Here you can see some of our products, filtered by industry.

Products by material

Our materials have excellent properties. Discover our products made of high-performance ceramics, filtered by materials.

KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe Our product highlights

High-pressure pistons

Ceramic pistons are used to convey media ranging from liquid to high-viscosity substances....

Flow meters

Flow meters with cermet electrode, a compound made of FZM and platinum, are...

Ceramic dielectric rails for fuel cells

Corrosion resistant dielectrics are needed for high temperatures in fuel cell technology. Precision...

Beam Position Monitor (BPM)

Determination of the position of the beam inside the accelerator ring using a...

Containment shells

Containment shells as a sealing element for centrifugal pumps in the chemical industry

Kicker chamber made of aluminium oxide

Kicker chambers made of aluminum oxide do not influence the applied magnetic fields...

Test plates made of silicon nitride

High dimensional stability at elevated temperatures allow the correct position and working of...

Tubes made of ceramics

Tubes made of aluminium oxide ceramics are used in numerous applications thanks to...

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