Products Insulators and insulating tubes made of ceramics

Ceramic insulators and insulation tubes for high-voltage applications

Insulators and insulating tubes

Insulators and insulation tubes made of F99.7 and F99.7hf can be provided with corrugations and can be glazed on the outside. The corrugation increases the creepage distance and leads to an increased voltage Level in the case of atmospheric applications. Glazing facilitates handling and cleaning of the components. Depending on their design, these insulation tubes are also suitable for cryogenic applications using liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. Temperature range: -271 °C to 450 °C. Insulators and insulation tubes are routinely tested for vacuum tightness: He leakage rate: < 10-9 mbar l/s. They can be provided with different flanges, such as CF, KF or COF.

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Ceramic customized insulating tube

Customized insulating tube for a physical institute

Insulating tube with double-sided ISO-KF flange


Focussing unit with ceramics


Insulation component with ceramics


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