Aluminium oxides DEGUSSIT AL25

Aluminium oxide DEGUSSIT Al25 from Kyocera for high-temperature applications

DEGUSSIT AL25 is suitable for high temperature applications due to its unique resistance to temperature changes

DEGUSSIT AL25 is a high-purity aluminum oxide. Due to its high porosity, the material has a unique resistance to temperature changes. The material also ensures excellent thermal insulation. The high sintering temperature during production ensures only the slightest structural changes even at temperatures above 1700 ° C. Since DEGUSSIT AL25 is very porous, it is particularly suitable for simple geometries. Product examples are burning plates, burning cassettes, tubes, laboratory ware and furnace construction parts.

Advantages of DEGUSSIT AL25

pure aluminium oxide
very porous
good thermal insulation
highest resistance to thermal shock of all aluminium oxide materials

Werkstoffbestandteile DEGUSSIT AL25

aluminium oxide with high porosity for high-temperature applications