Products Ceramic sensor components for oxygen measurement

Oxygen sensors with yttrium oxide-stabilised zirconium oxide DEGUSSIT FZY are suitable for measuring oxygen in gases and atmospheres. Partially stabilised zirconia displays oxygen ion conductivity from 400°C.

Oxygen measurement with components made of yttria-stabilised zirconia

DEGUSSIT FZY is a ZrO2, partly stabilised with Y2O3, and is resistant to temperatures of up to 1700 °C. Primarily developed for oxygen measurement for the high-temperature Lambda sensor, it is now used as a special structural material in further applications.

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Ceramic-metal-assemblies for oxygen measurement

Oxygen probes made of DEGUSSIT FZY are characterised by quick response times with constant measuring signals and high ion conductivity

Tubes for oxygen sensors

Ceramic tubes made of yttrium stabilized zirconium oxide DEGUSSIT FZY are used as sensor components. Temperature resistance up to 1700 ° C and very good surface properties enable further applications in high temperature technology.

Tubes for oxygen sensors - one end closed

Ceramic tubes made of DEGUSSIT FZY are used for oxygen meausrement, for example in flue gases to control combustion processes. At elevated temperatures, the material converts into an ion conductor.

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