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Precise components made of high-performance ceramics for microelectronics

The production of elements for the semiconductor industry places the highest demands on the materials used. As microelectronics are becoming ever smaller, high demands are placed on the precision of the production systems and continuous, process-accompanying testing. The precise positioning of lenses in photolithography systems is possible with sensors that are built on elements made of high-performance ceramics from Kyocera. Electrical insulation in connection with high wear resistance plays a major role in these systems. For the tests accompanying production, mechanically highly resilient test plates made of ceramic are successfully used for a 100% test. Difficult and high-precision coating processes require aseptically cleaned and prepared surfaces. Here, too,oxide ceramic is a key element of the process chain in the provision of ozone gas. In all of these production and testing processes, oxide ceramics offer an excellent profile of properties for different solution approaches.

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Test plates made of silicon nitride

High dimensional stability at elevated temperatures allow the correct position and working of probe cards.

Wafer fixing plate made of ceramics

High-performance ceramics are used in handling and positioning systems for wafer manufacturing because they are highly resistant to temperarure, have excellent electrical properties and are dimensionally stable.
F99.7 hf

Sensor elements made of high-performance ceramics


Ozone generator


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