Products High-performance ceramics for homogenizers

High strength ceramic components for homogenizers

Ceramic components for homogenizers

In homogenizers, substances are reduced to extremely small particles by forcing the product through a small opening under high pressures of 2000 bar. This process is used in the production of food emulsions (e.g., milk) and cosmetics where optimum blending of ingredients is required. All components for homogenizations need to withstand high pressure and dosed product impact. Elements like plunger, valve sits, and impact rings are subjected to high friction by the molecules of the medium being processed. Kyocera supplies high strength ceramics suitable for the demanding conditions of homogenisers. We also can combine ceramics with metals with sterile joints guarantee.

High surface quality of our ceramics ensures minimum adhesion of flow-through products. Our oxide ceramic materials are FDA approved and USP Class VI certificated.

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High-pressure pistons

Ceramic pistons are used to convey media ranging from liquid to high-viscosity substances. They are also exceptionally well-suited for extreme-pressure applications.

Ceramic pistons

Pistons made of high-performance ceramics can be used to safely control the barrier fluid and thus to reliably separate the food from the hydraulic fluid, e.g. when homogenizing milk.
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