Containment shells

Ceramic containment shells made of FZM ceramic for use in magnetically coupled pumps have clear benefits compared to other materials: Their use significantly increases process safety for people, machines, and the environment, while simultaneously optimizing service life and energy efficiency.

Ceramic high-performance material for maximum safety

All processes involving the pumping of toxic, odorous, or other aggressive media require highly specialized process technology to maximize the protection of pumps, employees, and the environment.


Due to its beneficial properties in several relevant areas, high-performance ceramics has been established as the most efficient material for containment shells used in magnetically coupled pumps. 20 years of experience have culminated in our current FZM ceramic containment shell manufacturing process. The resulting product is marked by high mechanical strength and flexibility, extremely good corrosion resistance against acid and alkali, and high temperature resistance against temperatures of up to 450°C. These properties make our ceramic containment cans wear-free, allowing for maximum product life and maintenance-free operation.


Due to their high chemical resistance and their longer service life compared to conventional materials, they are especially suited for use in corrosive media. Also, FZM ceramic is non-magnetic, preventing electrostatic charges, reducing heat development, and minimizing risk of explosion.


This enables ceramic containment shells made of FZM ceramic to withstand extreme conditions and fulfil the high safety requirements of demanding applications.

Coatings for ceramic containment shells expand application range

Applying a chemical-resistant, pore-free coating to the inside of our ceramic containment shells makes them suitable for pumping highly aggressive acids such as hydrofluoric acid. This leads to much longer service times and an expanded range of applications.


Coating the outside with titanium nitride reduces electrostatic charges and expands potential applications of the isolation shells in Group II explosive atmospheres to Category 2, Zone 1.

Optimized energy efficiency thanks to ceramic containment shells

Improving the energy efficiency of pumps and pump systems is of great importance to the overall process. Compared to metal containment shells, ceramic containment shells produce no eddy currents, which results in significant energy savings, and contributes to protecting the environment. This leads to a 10-15% reduction in power input. 


Also, the distance between the outer and inner magnets is an important factor for reliable long-term performance. Our unique grinding technology has enabled us to significantly reduce wall thickness of ceramic pressure shells to only ca. 2-4 mm in the cylindrical section. Due to its low Young’s modulus, FZM ceramic can endure enough elastic deformation to withstand high pressures of up to 60 bar.

Determining maximum test pressure with a safety factor in relation to working/ nominal pressure using FEM analysis. 

100 % of containment shells undergo pressure testing.  

Current max. dimensions - flange diameter: up to 360 mm, height: 350 mm 

Large components made of technical ceramics

Producing large ceramic components
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