Products Ceramic products for making and processing of paper

Ceramic elements solve wear problems

Low wear and high shape stability with ceramics

Especially with the high plant speeds in paper-making, the further processing in large printing houses and also in the packaging industry, high wear rates as well as quality issues have become major cost factors. The use of oxide ceramics offers the solution. These materials draw upon their insignificant wear and high shape stability. Components from Kyocera guarantee long machine running times. Limited only by the extreme maximum resilience of the materials, significantly higher production speeds are possible.

In papermaking, for example, fast-moving screens slide over sliding strips made of finely polished ceramic from Kyocera. The good sliding properties of the ceramic allow high process speeds with minimal wear on the screen foil and ceramic strips.

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Vacuum plate strips for paper production

Thanks to the ceramic sliding properties, wear can be kept to a minimum.

Ceramic vacuum plate strips

Reduced wear thanks to high-performance ceramics.

Ceramic knives for cutting paper


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