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Increased service life and cost-effectiveness with ceramic nozzles

When used appropriately, nozzles for liquids, gases and other media generate extremely high flow speeds with high wear out stress on the nozzle material. The constant nozzle cross-section combined with optimal spray agent distribution over a long service life is decisive for the selection of Kyocera ceramics. Downtimes and repair times are reduced, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness and quality level of overall systems in the long term. The ceramic nozzle inserts are securely connected to the metallic system components by clamping, gluing or shrinking. Kyocera technicians support you in finding solutions for a wide variety of tasks. Areas of application for the ceramic nozzles are sandblasting, high-pressure cleaners, spray towers for granulate production, flue gas desulphurisation in power plants, the chemical industry, plasma spraying and many more.

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Ceramic adhesive nozzles for the paper industry


Ceramic nozzles


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