Products Components made of Technical ceramics for level meaurement

Components made of high-performance ceramics for level measurement sensors

Reliable and flexible measurement of the level in silos or tanks

The bending properties, oxygen conductivity as well as microwave properties of our specially developed Oxide Ceramics make them indispensable in sensor technology applications. Level sensors operate more and more frequently with radar or ultrasonic transmitters made of aluminium oxide F99.7 or F99.7 hf. When measuring the level, aluminium oxide ceramics are used as antennas/ transmitters of the radio waves, microwaves or ultrasonic waves. Measurements of the level in the storage tanks are carried out using electrode carriers made of magnesium stabilised zirconium oxide FZM which is highly corrosion resistant.

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Radar or ultrasonic transmitters made of aluminium oxide

Radar or ultrasonixc transmitters made of aluminium oxide F99.7 oder F99.7 hf are extremely resistant to corrosion.
F99.7 F99.7 hf

Electrode carriers made of ceramics

A platinum electrode is sintered gas tight in magnesium stabilised zirconium oxide FZM or aluminium oxide F99.7.
FZM F99.7

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