Zirconium oxides FZM

Zirconium oxide partially stabilized with magnesium oxide from Kyocera

FZM ceramics offers the highest application performance for extreme requirements

FZM was specially developed for applications with extreme impact and mechanical stress. The material is certified according to FDA guidelines and is therefore used in the demanding food and pharmaceutical industries. The surface quality, sliding properties and wear resistance allow optimal media-lubricated sliding surfaces. By precisely fitting piston and cylinder units made of FZM ceramics, a sealing effect is achieved on moving parts that enables CIP / SIP technology in the process. The material structure leads to excellent impact strength. In addition to its very high mechanical strength, the ceramic material also shows an extraordinary damage tolerance in the event of an application outside the permissible operating parameters. Due to its low thermal conductivity, FZM can thermally decouple machine components through thermal insulation.

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Advantages of FZM

Zirconium oxide partially stabilized with magnesium oxide
high strength
highly wear resistant
extremely resistant to corrosion
very good thermal shock resistance

Werkstoffbestandteile FZM

Mg-PSZ (magnesia partially stabilized zirconia) for high mechanical stress