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Ceramics in packaging industry

The fast-paced systems used in the packaging industry are to run with low maintenance and high reliability. They require materials that stand up to wear and offer good dimensional stability and sliding properties, while also withstanding cleaning and sterilization through corrosion resistance.[1]  Kyocera ceramics offer various solutions for these requirements, improving on existing processes.

Their outstanding material properties, such as resistance to wear, temperatures, and corrosion, enable versatile use of our materials in various packaging machines. Our ceramics are FDA and USP VI certified, so they can be used in these critical/challenging areas.

At Kyocera, we focus on fine-tuning customer-specific solutions, producing tailor-made components. Alongside these individual solutions, we can also supply standard geometries on short notice.

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Ceramic products for packaging industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the packaging industry:

Ceramic tubes

The high degree of dimensional stability of our ceramic tubes at extreme temperatures...

Ceramic bearings

Sliding bearings and ball-bearings made of high-performance ceramics

Ceramic products for making and processing of paper

Ceramic elements solve wear problems


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