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Ceramics in X-ray technology

X-ray equipment using functional elements made from Kyocera oxide ceramics is the result of decades of experience combined with extensive research and development work.  

X-ray technology requires materials with superior electrical insulation properties and dimensional stability for precision imaging so that accurate results are provided even after many years in use. Low outgassing rates and a soldering technique for vacuum-tight bonding with the metallic component assembly form the basis for groundbreaking developments of ceramic components for this important diagnostic technology. 

We offer components with great electrical dielectric strength which are crucial to precision imaging. The excellent heat conductivity of ceramics from Kyocera makes it possible to dissipate the heat generated by the X-ray apparatus when in operation. The X-ray image intensifier with Kyocera components is one of the prime examples of successful, longstanding cooperation with our customers. It is currently used worldwide in radiology. Large-scale components are also created for market-leading companies. We solder these together with metal to be high-vacuum tight.  

The homogeneity of ceramics from Kyocera in combination with mature production and bonding technology are all impressive in this challenging industry.

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Ceramic products for X-ray technology

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in X-ray technology:

Ceramic components for radiology

Ceramic-metal-assemblies for X-ray technology


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