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Ceramics in pump industry

For pumps in the chemical industry, strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength are required in order to withstand long-term exposure to harsh liquids and gases as well as high pressure. We partner with our customers to develop innovative, long-lasting solutions optimally tailored to use under specific conditions.  

Our high-performance ceramics are used to produce surfaces with outstanding sliding properties. Service life, sealant wear, and maintenance intervals are significantly improved. Further pump elements that are essential in the chemical industry include ceramic containment shells for magnetic couplings and a maintenance-free sealing principle for centrifugal pumps and stirrers. In these applications, the use of ceramics reduces eddy current losses due to moving magnetic fields and prevents undesired heating of the material being pumped while also increasing efficiency.

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Ceramic products for pump industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the pump industry:

Containment shells made of Technical Ceramics

Ceramic containment shells for magnetically coupled pumps

High-performance ceramics for homogenizers

High strength ceramic components for homogenizers

Ceramic pump components

Customized products made of high-performance ceramics for safe operation of pumps


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