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Ceramics in physical industry

Metallized oxide ceramics are the solution for many physical and technical processes. 

Vacuum chambers made from F99.7/F99.7hf high-performance ceramics are used in accelerator units. These components have to meet extremely stringent requirements during process use. Thanks to their various outstanding properties, components made of ceramic metal compounds are excellent for this complex area. They offer maximum electrical insulation, an absolute seal even under extreme pressure or vacuum conditions, high resistance to corrosion, and resistance to temperatures ranging from -271°C to more than 350°C.  

These ceramics are transparent for rapidly changing magnetic fields, making it possible to manage physical processes without disruptions. There is also no heating due to eddy currents. An additional coating on the inside of the ceramic chambers, for example with Ti or TiN, reliably dissipates image charges that arise and minimizes emission of secondary electrons. Kyocera develops customer-specific innovation solutions for sophisticated applications.

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Ceramic products for physical institutes

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in physical institutes:

Ceramic feedthroughs

Single and multiple feedthroughs in standard dimensions and customized

Insulators and insulating tubes made of ceramics

Ceramic insulators and insulation tubes for high-voltage applications

Accelerator components made of technical ceramics

Ceramic parts for accelerators


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