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Ceramics in pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, stringent requirements apply to product safety and the reproducibility of production processes. As a result, technical ceramics are used in many components used to produce powdered and liquid pharmaceuticals. The ultra-high purity and abrasion resistance of ceramic materials help ensure that drugs are not contaminated. The high sterility standards of the materials used by Kyocera are confirmed by FDA and USP VI certifications.

For powdered medications, the hardness and abrasion resistance of the components used are major factors. For these applications, ceramic components are frequently combined with metal housings. We offer a broad spectrum of innovative solutions here as well. Ceramic bearings and dosage units are used in process tanks and bioreactors in the production of liquid medications. Low play between the piston and cylinder enables finely adjustable dosage amounts. Ceramics are used in development of highly sensitive substances at cryogenic temperatures, since they are highly mechanically stable even at temperatures of minus 200 °C.

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Ceramic products for pharmaceutical industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the pharmaceutical industry:

Products made of ceramics for grinding and crushing

Our wear-resistant and FDA-certified materials allow the crushing of extremely durable and contamination...

Laboratory benchtops

Laboratory benchtops made of Technical Ceramics and Polypropylene

Dosing units made of Technical Ceramics

Dosing pistons and cylinders

Ceramic bearings

Sliding bearings and ball-bearings made of high-performance ceramics

Ceramic nozzles

Wear resistant ceramic nozzles


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