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Ceramics in paper industry

Machine components used to produce paper are exposed to punishing wear and corrosive influences in many processes. Sliding motions at high speeds with the abrasive raw materials used to make paper have to be kept under control.

Thanks to its hardness and corrosion resistance, Kyocera ceramic is the ideal material, since it is highly resistant even during these highly abrasive and corrosive processes.

Our high-performance ceramics enable paper production with long service life and significantly longer maintenance intervals, depending on the specific use and the associated requirements. Different ceramic materials are impressive for their specific strengths. Aluminium oxide F99.7 is increasingly in use when very high hardness and wear resistance are called for, and zirconium oxide is used in processes involving elevated impact and bending stress.

Our advanced hard machining technology stands for the utmost in precision and surface quality for sliding surfaces and guide elements.

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Ceramic products for paper industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the paper industry:

Ceramic products for making and processing of paper

Ceramic elements solve wear problems


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