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Ceramics for oil and gas production

For oil and gas production, we develop component assemblies designed for very long periods of maintenance-free operation on the sea floor or in oil wells. The extreme conditions where these items are used require material properties such as extraordinary corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to pressure, and mechanical strength. Engineering solutions from Kyocera are perfect to meet these requirements. The standards that apply to documentation and testing in the oil industry are a fixture of our service range.

Ceramic components provide optimum sealing for pumps used in underwater installations. Valve components for abrasive oil sand mixtures and nozzles for controlled pressure loss are used in pipes carrying these substances. We develop the electrical feedthroughs to supply energy to electric offshore component assemblies in cooperation with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with state-of-the art high-performance products.

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Ceramic products for oil and gas production

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the oil and gas production:

Ceramic feedthroughs

Single and multiple feedthroughs in standard dimensions and customized

Containment shells made of Technical Ceramics

Ceramic containment shells for magnetically coupled pumps

Laboratory sinks made of Technichal Ceramics

Sinks made of chemical-technical stoneware and Polypropylene

Components made of Technical ceramics for level meaurement

Components made of high-performance ceramics for level measurement sensors

Ceramic pump components

Customized products made of high-performance ceramics for safe operation of pumps

Laboratory benchtops

Laboratory benchtops made of Technical Ceramics and Polypropylene

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Ceramic containment shells make the difference

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