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Ceramics for laboratories

Advanced laboratories have stringent quality standards for the environments where tests, analyses, and experiments are conducted. For that the used materials have to meet exact requirements. 

Lab benchtops and sinks made of FRIDURIT technical ceramics have a non-porous surface, offering a unique combination of resistance to chemical exposure, scratches, and temperature fluctuations. This profile of properties means that it is possible to maintain a perfect working environment for decades, even under extreme use conditions such as working with corrosive acids and other harsh chemicals.

Especially due to their high resistance to chemicals and temperature, our ceramic tubes, crucibles, boats, and combustion trays are also outstandingly suited to use in lab settings. 

Neutralization units and fume scrubbers complete our range. These are individually tailored to the specific customer’s requirements and the place where the products will be used and enable decentralized fume scrubbing and wastewater neutralization right at the fume cupboard.

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Ceramic products for laboratories

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the laboratory:

Fume scrubbers

Compact and fully automatic units for decentralised cleaning of exhaust air

Ceramic multi-bore tubes

Multiple capillaries for measurement and control processes

Laboratory sinks made of Technichal Ceramics

Sinks made of chemical-technical stoneware and Polypropylene

Ceramic tubes

The high degree of dimensional stability of our ceramic tubes at extreme temperatures...

Neutralisation units

Compact units for neutralisation of acid and alkaline waste-water

Laboratory benchtops

Laboratory benchtops made of Technical Ceramics and Polypropylene

Crucibles, boats and combustion trays

Products made of Oxide Ceramics for sample preparation in laboratories

Ceramic plates

Ceramic combustion plates or crucible lids


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