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Ceramics for high-frequency technology

High-frequency technology works with electromagnetic fields and high frequencies in technical systems. The industry has successfully used high-purity F99.7 aluminium oxide and F99.7hf from Kyocera for decades due to its low dielectric loss factor. A wide range of ceramic components are used for technical systems and equipment, mobile devices, and mobile transmitters in the process. For rapidly changing magnetic fields, our ceramics are transparent and enable the accurate direction of beams in particle accelerators. These are used in fundamental physics research and in medical technology. We design and produce sophisticated components for this innovative technology such as high-vacuum tight metal-ceramic composite units.

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Ceramic products for high-frequency technology

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the high-frequency technology:

Ceramic feedthroughs

Single and multiple feedthroughs in standard dimensions and customized

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