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Ceramics in semiconductor industry

Structures in the semiconductor industry are growing smaller and smaller, with the innovation-driven computer industry striving toward zero errors in production across all processes.  

High-performance ceramics are used in development and production of ever-smaller chips, representing a cornerstone of this technology. These computer elements are measured in the µm range and subjected to electrical testing before they are put into operation. Kyocera produces intricate testing plates with hundreds of drill holes for this area of application. Fine-grained ceramics offer high strength and excellent electrical insulation properties, meeting this industry’s stringent requirements. This way enabling high-precision elements for various functions.  

Our ceramic components are used in handling and positioning systems during wafer production, thanks to their excellent electrical properties.

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Ceramic products for semiconductor industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the semiconductor industry:

Ceramic feedthroughs

Single and multiple feedthroughs in standard dimensions and customized

Ceramic products for semiconductor industry

Precise components made of high-performance ceramics for microelectronics

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