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Ceramics in furnace construction

High temperatures, corrosive furnace atmosphere, and the desired purity of the final product, along with the finely calibrated firing curve, serve as the benchmark for a functional furnace concept. DEGUSSIT high-performance ceramics feature extraordinary material properties, allowing for optimum solutions for these environments and our customers’ requirements.

DEGUSSIT AL24, with its coarse crystal structure, achieves significantly improved resistance to thermal shock, and with it rapid heating. The dense DEGUSSIT AL23 does not outgas at all, even at high temperatures of well over 1700°C. The low-glass grain boundary phase ensures peerless creep strength, even near the limits of the application temperature.

Our online shop offers a broad range of products that are available quickly for our customers. Tubes and capillaries are quick and easy to configure individually online in terms of length.

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Ceramic products for furnace construction

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the furnace construction:



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