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Ceramics in printing industry

In the printing industry, fast-running machines with the utmost precision for razor-sharp images represent an added challenge for the system itself, its design, and the process components used.

High-performance ceramics from Kyocera offer the necessary properties, in particular feature long operational performance, low weight, and high-gloss surfaces.

Our materials make it possible to produce precision components in superior quality. Ceramic components such as printing plates and rollers and doctoring rings meet the requirements that apply to various printing processes, combined with a significant improvement in uptime, which can be about three times higher for ceramic plates than metal ones.

The fine structure and outstanding surface quality make it possible to achieve razor-sharp images on an ongoing basis. Further components for this industry include bearings, wiping strips, and guide rails for moving paper smoothly.

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Ceramic products for printing industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the printing industry:

Ceramic feedthroughs

Single and multiple feedthroughs in standard dimensions and customized

Ceramic products for making and processing of paper

Ceramic elements solve wear problems


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