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Ceramics for filling machines

Filling liquids into packages is challenging in terms of automation technology and the components used in the process. Kyocera ceramics are USP Class VI and FDA certified, which means there is no concern about using them with food contact. In this field of application, the outstanding corrosion resistance of these ceramics and their high resistance to pressure and dimensional stability are particular advantages over other materials. 

Especially when filling beverage containers, standards are very high for cycle times and maximum dependability and wear resistance. In this area, flow meters with ceramic measuring tubes are used to measure through-flow using electromagnetic induction. The ceramic materials enable design and construction of highly durable components for long-term use without any need to recalibrate the flow meter.  

Automated inline cleaning and sterilization as part of the manufacturing process are possible thanks to piston and cylinder units made from Kyocera ceramics, fitted with no seals. These ensure low-wear operation for the key elements of the filling system, since they are extremely corrosion-resistant, even when exposed to harsh cleaning agents.  

 Our components eliminate contamination with toxic abrasion, ensuring product purity. Their great resistance to wear unlocks long service life in the process. Great stiffness and low thermal expansion enable compliance with narrow form tolerances, even when temperatures fluctuate during use. Our refined processing techniques are used to craft special surfaces for good distribution of the lubricant film between the moving parts. In this way, our products enable outstanding process quality and process reliability.

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Ceramic products for fillers

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in dosing and filling:

Dosing units made of Technical Ceramics

Dosing pistons and cylinders

Ceramic components for flow measurement

The extraordinary properties of high-performance ceramics ensure precise and safe processes in filling...


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