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Chemical industry

Ceramics in chemical industry

Decades of experience with the technical challenges involved in plant and systems engineering in the chemical sector have given Kyocera outstanding expertise with material solutions that meet the specific requirements of this industry optimally.

Reactors and systems used in the chemical industry handle processes involving extremely corrosive, caustic, and in some cases toxic intermediate and final products. Kyocera offers the suitable high-performance ceramic materials and production potential to develop ceramic components. These stand up to process requirements such as extreme temperatures and corrosion. The highly resistant ceramics used bring significant gains in terms of safety, life span, and maintenance cycles.

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Ceramic products for chemical industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the chemical industry:

Containment shells made of Technical Ceramics

Ceramic containment shells for magnetically coupled pumps

Ceramic multi-bore tubes

Multiple capillaries for measurement and control processes

Laboratory sinks made of Technichal Ceramics

Sinks made of chemical-technical stoneware and Polypropylene

Ceramic tubes

The high degree of dimensional stability of our ceramic tubes at extreme temperatures...

Ceramic components for flow measurement

The extraordinary properties of high-performance ceramics ensure precise and safe processes in filling...

Components made of Technical ceramics for level meaurement

Components made of high-performance ceramics for level measurement sensors

Ceramic pump components

Customized products made of high-performance ceramics for safe operation of pumps

Neutralisation units

Compact units for neutralisation of acid and alkaline waste-water

Laboratory benchtops

Laboratory benchtops made of Technical Ceramics and Polypropylene

Ceramic bearings

Sliding bearings and ball-bearings made of high-performance ceramics

Ceramic nozzles

Wear resistant ceramic nozzles


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