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Ceramics in food industry

Ceramics in food industry

When it comes to producing and packing food with low-maintenance and reliable operations, productivity and output require materials that stand up to wear and offer good dimensional stability and sliding properties while also withstanding cleaning and sterilization without damage. Kyocera ceramics offer various solutions for these requirements, improving on existing processes. 

For filling operations involving abrasive products, using ceramic components significantly extends system maintenance intervals. Thanks to its high temperature and corrosion resistance, ceramic is ideally suited to cleaning and sterilization with hot steam and chemicals. Our ceramics are FDA and USP VI certified, so they can be used in these critical areas. 

High surface quality and precision fits are achieved thanks to our extensive and detailed production expertise. For metal-ceramic composite components, Kyocera has standardized bonding techniques such as glueing, shrinking and soldering. 

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Ceramic products for the food industry

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in the food industry:

Laboratory sinks made of Technichal Ceramics

Sinks made of chemical-technical stoneware and Polypropylene

Dosing units made of Technical Ceramics

Dosing pistons and cylinders

Ceramic components for flow measurement

The extraordinary properties of high-performance ceramics ensure precise and safe processes in filling...

Components made of Technical ceramics for level meaurement

Components made of high-performance ceramics for level measurement sensors

Products made of ceramics for grinding and crushing

Our wear-resistant and FDA-certified materials allow the crushing of extremely durable and contamination...

High-performance ceramics for homogenizers

High strength ceramic components for homogenizers

Laboratory benchtops

Laboratory benchtops made of Technical Ceramics and Polypropylene

Ceramic bearings

Sliding bearings and ball-bearings made of high-performance ceramics


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