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Ceramics for ceramic processing

The laborious process of turning ceramic blanks into polished precision components can only yield the desired success when carefully selected starting materials are used. Kyocera’s materials meet the very highest standards. That’s why they have enjoyed an excellent reputation on the market for decades now, with positive effects on the acceptance of the final products from ceramic processors who purchase our products. We supply blanks in the form of bars or intermediate products profiled before sintering. Our semifinished products are available quickly, giving our customers a clear competitive edge by allowing them to act with extreme agility and great effectiveness in their specific markets. Our technicians also assist customers by supplying know-how on selecting shaping methods and configuring the green body and final component.

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Ceramic products for ceramic processing

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in ceramic processing:

Rods, strips, bars

Ceramic rods, strips and rough bars are characterised by their outstanding dimensional stability...


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