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Fuel cell

Ceramics in fuel cells

Fuel cells use a highly efficient electrochemical process to convert fuel to electricity and heat. The components used for this process must be resistant to high temperatures and extremely corrosion-proof so they can withstand tough environmental conditions on a lasting basis.

Fuel cell stacks weighing tons are set up with electrical insulation. The weight rests on frames made from aluminum oxide ceramics from Kyocera. Finely lapped surfaces on these ceramics minimize the risk of electrical arcs by accumulating the fluids that are present due to the system design. The outstanding material properties of components made from high-performance Kyocera F99.7 aluminum oxide ceramics enable secure and efficient fuel cell operation.

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Ceramic products for fuel cells

Below you find a selection of our products for your application in fuel cells:

Ceramic parts for fuel cells

High-precision components made of Technical Ceramics for fuel cells


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