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Our investment in high process stability and product quality

Excellent product quality using sophisticated quality assurance

To ensure consistently high process stability and product quality, Kyocera continuously invests in its holistic quality management system. Regular tests and checks are carried out throughout the entire production process, starting with the incoming inspection of the raw materials and the finely-tuned quality and processing parameters of the mix preparation, using high-quality and constantly monitored measuring equipment. Various test procedures and the final inspection round off our seamless quality assurance and lead to a transparent and safe process chain that guarantees our high product standards over the long term.

Kyocera has several ceramic laboratories with a wide range of ceramic measurement and analysis technology, with which we can optimally monitor our raw materials and the preparation of the mix. In the field of technical ceramics, we have a particularly precise record of the quality parameters. A sample is taken for every 400 kg to check the essential quality and processing parameters. This results in 4 to 10 individual samples within each batch. So, we can precisely monitor the mix preparation and have the opportunity to continuously optimize and further develop our ceramic materials. In addition, we maintain contact with renowned institutes and regularly carry out special tests on our materials so we can make additional declarations about special material properties.

Kyocera ensures the quality, reliability and usability of the measuring and test equipment through regular checks and investments. This results in the required performance throughout the entire manufacturing process and, as part of our quality management system, the continuous improvement of process capability. The precise performance of the test equipment creates the prerequisite for an objective evaluation of the measurement results and the decisions based on them.

Various test methods are used at KYOCERA Fineceramics Solutions GmbH, such as dimensional testing of the geometry, roughness, shape and position checks and visual inspections. By using the most modern CNC measuring technology, we program the measuring routines with the help of a wide variety of sensors such as scanners, image processing and lasers using CAD data, thus guaranteeing the highest level of precision. Special procedures such as helium leak tests, dye penetration tests under UV light and electrical tests (assessments/checks) are also used.

We also develop individual test methods that are specially tailored to the requirements of our customers' applications. We simulate the subsequent operating conditions exactly to ensure the reliability of our products and their long-lasting and optimal performance. 

Containment shells

Containment shells as a sealing element for centrifugal pumps in the chemical industry

Dosing pistons

Dosing pistons with guide edge for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

Dosing units

Dosing units for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

Pump impellers

Pump impellers for rotary pumps made of F99.7 or FZM are suitable for...

Kicker chamber made of aluminium oxide

Kicker chambers made of aluminum oxide do not influence the applied magnetic fields...

Vacuum chamber with DN 160 CF flange

Beam Position Monitor (BPM)

Determination of the position of the beam inside the accelerator ring using a...

High-voltage accelerator

High-voltage accelerator with multi-layer ceramic-metal-joint

Kicker chamber with DN 160 CF flange

Ceramic dielectric rails for fuel cells

Corrosion resistant dielectrics are needed for high temperatures in fuel cell technology. Precision...

High-voltage insulator

300 kV

Housing for X-ray image intensifier

Rotary piston X-ray tube

High-pressure pistons

Ceramic pistons are used to convey media ranging from liquid to high-viscosity substances....

Ceramic sliding bearings for magnetic mixers

Bearings made of zirconium oxide ensure long lifetime and comply with the with...

Ceramic pistons

Pistons made of high-performance ceramics can be used to safely control the barrier...

Insulation component with ceramics

Test plates made of silicon nitride

High dimensional stability at elevated temperatures allow the correct position and working of...

Wafer fixing plate made of ceramics

High-performance ceramics are used in handling and positioning systems for wafer manufacturing because...

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Flow measurement in an industrial environment

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