Expertise Hard machining

Reworking sintered products for highest shape and dimensional accuracy

Hard machining for highest precision and surface quality

The hard machining of ceramics is used in particular where components have to meet high requirements in terms of shape and dimensional accuracy as well as surface quality. In this process, the component is reworked in the sintered state. The ceramic has already reached its full strength, which means that processing can only be carried out with specific know-how using sophisticated process technology and diamond tools.  

Thanks to our extensive machine park, we are equipped for the production of individual parts all the way through to automated series. Our state-of-the-art systems, which have been specifically developed for our complex requirements and needs, can produce small to large components in almost any shape, position or dimensions, as well as carrying out all current grinding and superfinishing techniques. With a wide range of processing options, such as cylindrical, surface, internal and centreless grinding, we are highly flexible and able to achieve precise external and internal geometries as well as the tolerances and surfaces requested by our customers. Even finer surface finishes can be achieved through further superfinishing steps such as honing, lapping and polishing.  

To live up to our role as an innovation leader, we are continuously investing in our machine park. This constant upgrading means the most modern technologies are in use today, such as ultrasonic grinding in 3D space or CAD/CAM-supported production. Thanks to this sophisticated process technology, which enables 5-axis grinding, in combination with our experience in this demanding process, a clear technological lead has been achieved. This is underpinned by our coolant treatment. The system used here centrifuges and filters the finest particles from the cooling lubricant so that surface finishes of consistent quality are achieved. 

In CNC production, long-time grinding specialists and trained cutting machine operators are employed, who further supplement their specialist knowledge through regular training courses to incorporate the latest technological developments into their work. Supported by high-quality and constantly monitored measuring equipment, they carry out regular inspections and quality checks during production, followed by a final inspection. In this way, we can ensure process stability and consistently high product quality. 

A large stock of diamond abrasives in various qualities and special shapes enables a lean and efficient process. This, in combination with sophisticated process technology and years of experience in hard machining, ensures that we have a prominent position in this area. This enables us to offer our customers the highest levels of precision and surface quality while being cost-effective.

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