Expertise Glass solder

With glass brazes purely ceramic components can be joined to one another in a gas-tight manner.

Process-oriented glass soldering for the production of large components for high-temperature applications

Ceramic components are ideally suited for use under thermally or chemically demanding conditions due to their excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemically aggressive environmental conditions. To be able to build large and complex components that cannot be produced as monoliths due to their geometry or size, Kyocera uses glass solders and glass-ceramic solders. Thanks to the specially developed and proven glass soldering process, purely ceramic components can be joined to one another in a gas-tight manner. This joining technique is characterised by a very good general chemical resistance and operating temperatures up to approx. 1,100°C. At room temperature, the joins achieve strength values of up to 100 MPa. Series of tests and many years of experience guarantee the high quality of the glass solder connections. Careful coordination of the thermal expansion of the ceramic and solder is crucial for success. The design scope of possible geometries is huge. The structurally suitable design with a solder reservoir and a sufficient solder gap is a core competence of the technicians at Kyocera.


Chemical reactors with multiple inlets and outlets can be implemented with these solders, which are specially tailored to Kyocera ceramics, based on the application. This joining technique is based mainly on the use of glass solders with a thermal expansion matched to that of ceramics as glass shows no metallic ductile properties. Through decades of research and development, we have developed a manufacturing process that produces complex components for the increased requirements of our customers. 

KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe Products and solutions at a glance

Discover high-performance glass-soldered components from Kyocera and find your solution quickly and easily. For further information or individual ceramic components for your application, we look forward to your inquiry.

Ozone generator

Bended vacuum chamber

Bended vacuum chamber with glass-brazed ceramic-ceramic-joints, Bending angle: 15°, length: 3200 mm

Vacuum chamber 1500 mm

Vacuum chamber with ceramic-ceramic-glass brazed and ceramic-metal hard solder joints, length: 1500 mm


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